The Grief Journey

Whilst the grief process can vary considerably from person to person, the grief journey is similar inasmuch as we pass through the initial pain barrier, into mourning (the expression of grief) and adaptation – which is a period or process in which we make adjustments as we come to terms with the reality that the deceased person for example no longer needs a place setting at mealtimes; to shop and cook for one less; that the daily telephone conversations are no longer possible or that you now return home to an empty house.


As a companion on your journey I will try to help you understand your thoughts, feelings and emotions. I believe that if we can bring meaning and understanding to a situation it will aid acceptance which in turn will lead to a state of recovery, enabling and empowering you to make the necessary adjustments in order to continue to live a meaningful and happy life.


The grief journey includes talking about the person/people who died; what you loved about them, why they were so special, what you will miss most and how you can move your life forward without their physical presence. Mentally and emotionally they will always be with you and be part of you. Would you want it any other way?


Some people are unable to grieve effectively because of ongoing relationship issues, perhaps with the one who died or a surviving relative. Maybe there is unfinished business which can no longer be complete but needs to be addressed?


We can reflect on and explore all these issues.