Ray Wilson

About Me

I am described by my clients as kind, caring, patient, and compassionate; an exceptionally good and empathic listener who truly engages with his clients.


My wealth of life and business experiences perfectly qualifies me as the ideal companion on your emotional journey.


I recognise we are all different and that counselling is not a one size fits all process. For example, our experience and perception of grief, loss, rejection and myriads of other experiences is personal to each and every one of us, therefore my approach to counselling is to tailor the therapeutic process to meet the individual needs of clients.


This is your journey and you are the expert inasmuch as only you know what hurts, where and how badly; and only you know what causes the hurt. My task is to encourage you to talk about these things in an attempt to put some sort of meaning to them in the belief that you will enable and empower yourself to change the perceptions of your grief, loss or other issues which consume you in order to reach a place of acceptance, peace and contentment.