There is much I could say about myself and my way of working. Better it comes from some of my past clients. Here is just some of the feedback I have received:

“Ray is a very kind, caring man who is exceptionally wise. He helped me in a very low time in my life ….. his thoughtful and understanding approach, based on careful listening was life-changing for me ….”

“I did not know how counselling could help me …. the sessions with Ray allowed me to talk about things I had not spoken about before ….”

“Having locked up my feelings about my father’s death for eight years I was skeptical that anything or anyone could help me deal with my grief…. I have come full circle and dealt with my loss and without Ray’s help I would not have been able to deal with the transition”

“…….the sessions certainly helped me deal with my loss and I would recommend Ray …..”

“…. fantastic experience…. thank you Ray for your support and guidance.”

“I did not know what to expect. I was anxious and nervous. I am so glad I was brave. You were very supportive and kind. Thank you.”

“A positive experience which helped me to identify and express different feelings …..”

“You were a great and empathetic support……”

“You were welcoming and non-judgemental. You created a safe place where I could explore my thoughts, feelings and emotions…. thank you Ray for starting me on the path to finally dealing with my grief”.