The Flip Side by Ray Wilson

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All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Cruse Bereavement Support



All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Cruse Bereavement Support

9 reviews for The Flip Side by Ray Wilson

  1. Louise Temlett

    Fabulous book Ray!

  2. Theresa Finley

    If you grew up in the care system, and even if you didn’t, this book will give you so many ‘lightbulb’ moments and perhaps (as it did me) help some misunderstood emotions fall into place so they can be dealt with. Ray’s outlook on life comes from the challenges of his upbringing, the business successes he created, despite (or perhaps because of?) those challenges. He refers to this as looking for The Flipside in all situations. He hasn’t been afraid to admit the mistakes he’s made in life and in business and he shares all in an amusing, self-deprecating style. I found it a thoroughly enjoyable and incredibly useful read. Ray is a wise man and an inspiration.

  3. David Jansen

    When Ray told me he was writing a book, I knew it would be good! He has been a mentor and advisor for my growing business for two years, during which time he has helped me in several key areas where my business was struggling. As well as sharing his inspirational life story, the book demonstrates how it’s possible to overcome life’s obstacles – to look for The Flip Side in any situation. That’s what Ray has done for me over the years we have worked together, and I’m happy that others can now learn some of his methods by reading the book. The fact that all proceeds are going to Cruse Bereavement Care is very typical of Ray’s kind heart.

  4. Audrey Elliston

    Ray’s life story illustrates clearly what it is possible to achieve, and is a clear illustration that the past does not need to determine the future. You cannot choose the hand you are dealt, but you can choose how to use it.

  5. Christine

    This is a fascinating read and offers a powerfully positive message to the reader about how to take control of your future

  6. Phil Batten

    An inspirational book and extremely enjoyable to read ,I’ll definitely be looking for the flip side in the future. Thanks Ray.

  7. Jay

    Ray’s book has really helped me, I am about to read it for the second time. I can relate to so much in it , the wording and descriptions are so apt ,I can’t thank Ray enough for writing it ,

  8. Dave Shipton

    Boy oh boy, that is a roller coaster of a read!
    I must confess and be honest that I’ve known Ray personally for 20+ yrs. Or so I thought!
    Turns out I only knew what I saw and not who he really is.
    After reading the book twice already and with what Ray has clearly been through I can’t believe how he ever got where he is today! I also can’t believe how little I knew about his life over this amount of time but that’s Ray in a nutshell. He doesn’t go on about it by allow the past to bring him down and continually strives to move forwards and bringing others along with him!
    Ray gave me a copy of the flip side in return for a donation to cruse bereavement support, a charity who he is heavily involved with as a counsellor, a mentor and is extremely close to his heart who are also benefitting from all the proceeds of this book.

    Ray told me that after chatting with me I’d be seeing snipets of myself in the book, and I only went to see him for some business advice 😆
    How right was he!

    He must be one hell of a counsellor!

    As I am sitting here right now with tears running down my cheeks, I’m being transported right back to the same emotions whilst reading the 1st few pages.
    I’m sure there is something about all of us in there that we can really relate to!
    I like to think I’m level headed and not in need of any type of counselling but I realised the flip side is for everyone, not just when you’re feeling at your lowest!
    I’m not going to quote the whole book here but let’s just say Ray has a unique way of not letting a negative situation whether it be in personal life or business set him back and then coming up with a plan to turn it around into a positive one, not just for him but also for others around him. He is living proof of this and still only 86 yrs young, with a zest for life and always helping out others.
    Some of you will probably never meet him and thats a shame because he’s a very wise man and a really good listener who analyzes all the information, thinks about it before saying anything and then implementing the flip side of things!
    Ways in which you never even considered looking at!
    I don’t know what else to say, and no doubt Ray, with his unique sense of humour will tell me after reading this, that I should of bigged him up a bit more🤣

    I’m off to read it again
    Thank you Ray

  9. Maria

    Gosh – that was a good read!
    I live with some negativity in my household and this has made me realise that although I can’t change the mentality of the people I live with, I CAN change the way I react to them and their problems. What an eye opener! I feel happier and less stressed and more in control.
    Thank you Ray for sharing your story and your tips for a more positive life!

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